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Strating Pianos was established in 2018. Alistair Strating is a 2nd generation piano tuner, having been trained and mentored by his father Bert Strating. Strating pianos follows sound and proven traditions of piano tuning and restoration practices for all pianos both modern and vintage. We pride ourselves in providing professional, prompt and affordable services for all our customers.
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Alistair is also a trained musician playing both piano and French horn. His musical adventures have taken him to both national and international settings. Highlights include: Azimus – a four piece original band, Musical Theatre pit orchestras, Sambeek Wind Symphony (Netherlands) and University of Tasmania Wind Orchestra.


Prices start from $250 plus GST and a piano tune takes around 1.5 hours to complete. Minor repairs and regulation are undertaken during this time. Pianos need to be tuned regularly. Strating Pianos recommends having pianos tuned at least once a year and twice a year for pianos that get a lot of use.

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There are many factors that influence how well a piano stays in tune but two that are possible to control in your house are temperature and humidity. Keeping an upright against an internal wall or well insulated outer wall away from direct sunlight is recommended. Strating Pianos can give you advice on how to manage this in your home.

Tuning a piano is not like tuning a guitar or other stringed instruments. Not only does a piano have about 230 strings, it also has much higher string tensions. In a concert grand, one bass string can have as much as 200kg of string tension – no wonder concert grands are faced away from the audience! All these individual string tensions combined means a piano can have a combined tension of between 20 and 30 tonne! Pianos can go in and out of tune when this tension changes. Keeping a piano at pitch is about having this tension stable.

Strating Pianos recommends having pianos tuned at concert pitch. The international standard is A440. If your piano is well under this pitch, you may need to have the piano pitch raised. There are risks involved in this process and sometimes pianos need to be tuned to a lower pitch. Strating Pianos will talk you through the options before starting work.


Minor repairs can be done at the same time as a tune.

More complicated repairs that require specialty equipment will require the action to be removed and brought back to the Strating Pianos workshop.

Customers will always be given a quote before work is started.


At Strating Pianos, we thrive on seeing old pianos restored to their former glory. Many of the pianos made around the early 19th century were absolutely stunning. In Tasmania, we are lucky to have a climate that helps to preserve some of these old gems. Contact Strating Pianos for a quote to restore your piano to your specifications.

Restoration can include

   New Keytops

   New Pedals

Case Repairs

Iron Frame Repainting

   New Treble & Bass Strings

   New Hammers

New Damper Felts

Sound Board Repairs


Minor repairs can be done at the same time as a tune.

More complicated repairs that require specialty equipment will require the action to be removed and brought back to the Strating Pianos workshop.

Customers will always be given a quote before work is started.


Contact Strating Pianos for an accurate quote. The following pricing plans are approximate.

Pianos for sale

Our Showroom, located in Grindelwald is open by appointment! We have a wide range of pianos for sale so please contact us to see what we have in stock!

Prices include delivery state-wide and one free tune once the piano has settled. The pianos below are examples of the models we often have!

Yamaha UX $8499

Yamaha UX $8499

This UX was made in Japan in 1979. This a premium model of U3 in A+ condition. Case is in perfect condition. If you are searching for one of the X braced Yamaha models, then this piano will make you very happy. These models are not made anymore and they are quite rare...

Yamaha U3A $8299

Yamaha U3A $8299

1986 Model in A+ condition. Japanese made. Case is in perfect condition. An excellent example of a professional series Yamaha upright at a fraction of the new price. Strating Pianos really recommends these A series pianos as they are some of the nicest models Yamaha...

Yamaha G5 Grand Piano $23999

Yamaha G5 Grand Piano $23999

This G5 is made in 1984 and was restored in 2010. New strings, refinished soundboard and cast iron plate. This piano is fabulous and has been used for professional concerts! Japanese made. Case is in excellent condition. A professional series piano. Price includes a...

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Thanks to Strating Pianos, our humble little family piano that has been passed down over the decades with not much care now plays and sounds lovely again. I highly recommend Alistair – nothing is too much trouble for him, and he brings a sense of care and professionalism to his work that makes the end product so satisfying.

Rebecca Jee

He gave me a lesson for my repairs today. Cannot rate him higher!!! 20 out of 10! I learnt so much and I achieved work of my own with Alistair’s direction! 👏👏👏👏
I feel certain he’ll be back for more lessons😊

Megan Lewis

There are many notes on a piano, as there are many layers to human hearing. In working with and tuning pianos, Alistair gives his attention to each note and the harmonic effect it has on the piano, and on the listener. Fine tuning skills come with experience as a player and as a listener. Alistair has the hearing skills and the playing experience to invigorate a piano. His work here, is true tuning for the joy of the listener.
Steve Davis

Thanks Alistair, I got home yesterday evening and the piano is perfect!!! It looks so good in the house and sounds just divine.  Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou!!!!

Tash Parker

The piano sounds and plays like a new piano and I am delighted with it. The action is much faster and lighter so I am having to concentrate on technique to play evenly. The tone is so much brighter and the dynamic range is really amazing!  I cannot thank you enough. I am looking forward to putting in some regular practise time.
Margaret Ridgers

Hi Alistair,

My piano sounds the best it has for many, many years. It is now a pleasure to play. Thank you for your expertise !

Hi Alistair, I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful thorough job you did with my piano. It sounds and feels like a different (superior) instrument.

Ben Martin

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